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How to Track Contacts using SpyZee

Today, children get a smartphone the moment they reach their teenage. A report says that they get a smartphone as early as they become 10 years old. When we were kids we used to play with toys and not gadgets. Thus, the possibility of a victim against cyberbullying was less. Today, the access to a smartphone has let the kids get access to inappropriate content which makes them addictive and they easily become the victim of online threats. Moreover, the ease of making contacts allow them to talk to anyone they wish. The naïve children easily share their numbers with strangers. Later, they find themselves in trouble.

Parents should have a check on their contacts. However, once they got mature it becomes difficult to ask for their phone. This kind of activity creates misunderstanding and leads to fights and separation. But, this can be prevented using a smart way of keeping a check on their contacts. Few spy companies have come up with smart solutions where they allow such users to monitor or track the contacts or whole device in just one click. Recently, we have stumbled upon effective spy apps which we are going to discuss now.

How to Track Contacts using SpyZee

How to Track Contacts using SpyZee

SpyZee – an effective monitoring solution

Tracking your loved one’s or kid’s activity over a smartphone is pretty easy with spyzee. The app once installed on the device of your kids can let you monitor them anytime. Set up the app once and see all the contacts and many more such as call logs, and messages.

Set up SpyZee

  • To set up or install, visit and click on the icon of download. Then register on SpyZee, its easy. Give the email ID, set a new password for the SpyZee account. Hit the sign up button.
  • Next, log in to the account. Once you sign in, the website will take you to the control panel page. Read the instructions and follow them up.
  • Get the target device now. Go to settings to enable the installation from unknown sources. If you don’t know how to do it, follow up the direction at a given website. Also, disable the play to protect the option of Google.
  • The app is now installed on the phone. The file is in apk. format. Once download and install are completed, sign in.
  • Don’t forget to tap on pop up asking for permission. Allow the app to use all apps of the device to let you check their contacts and track the device.
  • Activate the device administrator by simply tapping on activate button.
  • At the last step, you have to hide the SpyZee app icon. Select start monitoring and on doing this, the app will sync all data of the device to the app server.

Click on complete button to start monitoring. After checking up for the successful set up you will get a notification of successful installation. From here, the monitoring of the device begins.

The data will sync to the server in a few minutes, wait till then. The syncing depends on the speed of the internet and the amount of data the device has. Once completed, checking on call logs, contact, messages, videos, and photos will be easy for you. Log on to the account anytime and you can monitor the device data within few minutes.

The app works for even iPhone and to know how it works, check the live demo of the app on the website.

Review the key features of SpyZee

  • Call logs and messages– get the details of call such as time, date, contact number and name. Filter the details such as the month and days etc. check on the messages received and sent from anywhere.
  • Browser history the information of the website is available on the spyzee app. check on the history of the browser and block if any of them are not good for your kids. Know whether the website is safe or them or not.
  • Text messaging spy the SpyZee is capable of spying text messages from Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. It will bring real-time information.
  • Location of the suspect the SpyZee is capable of locating the location of the suspect through this feature. It thus allows the parent to know where the kid is.


It is one of the most powerful and leading applications in the market that has offered valuable service to its users. You can get the same service at free of cost. Just visit the site and enroll for the services.

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