Hidden Voice Recorder

Know about Hidden Voice Recorder – SpyZee

The hidden voice recorder is the feature of SpyZee which is highly acclaimed and is used by the people all across the globe. This feature offers us tremendous ability to listen to sounds which are produced near to target device. To do so, SpyZee spyware voice recorder activates microphone which is installed in target phone and thus, all audio can be recorded and heard easily.

Know about Hidden Voice Recorder - SpyZee

Know about Hidden Voice Recorder – SpyZee

SpyZee hidden voice recorder feature is available in the control panel. Every new, as well as existing user who wants to make use of this feature, must go to their control panel and activate the hidden voice recorder. The audio length, audio size, download option as well as timestamp will be offered to see with each recording.

What is the need for a hidden voice recorder

The use of a hidden voice recorder can be done in order to know where the target person is and what is happening around him/her. If there is a discussion going around the place where is phone present then this discussion will be recorded and you will be able to hear it.

In case when you have lost your phone in that case also you can use this feature to know what is happening around the phone. Listening to surrounding sound you can get an idea where is your phone and if anyone is around it or not.

How to spy on someone using SpyZee

To use this software one has to download/install the app. This app can be downloaded from the app store or from https://spyzee.com/install-spyzee-mobile-spy/. It will take some time to download and install and then this app will be ready for use. To use this app there is given a full guide on its “help” option. Simple steps which are needed to be followed in order to use it are-

  • Run the app on your phone
  • Sign up on SpyZee and make ID
  • Use the ID to log in
  • Once the user is logged in they are asked to fill the target person details
  • These details can be like name, number and phone type
  • Click on “spy” wait for 5 minutes

Your target person’s device is HACKED and now you are ready to make use of the hidden voice recorder. You can activate this feature from the user control panel and start using it. Also, you can make use of other features like-

  • Location trackerthis will track the live location of a cell phone and also it will help you see where the person is. You can see where he/she is moving next and also the date and time stamp are provided for the user to see.
  • Call recorder– this will track all calls coming on the target device or made through target device. This feature record call and lets you see the recording from control panel anytime.
  • Contact hackto hack the call list, contact list and details related to it, this feature can be used. This feature allows you to see the name, number and other details added in the contact list. You can block any contact from their contact list and the target will not know about it.
  • Social media account hack– This is the best feature for people who wants to hack Instagram and Facebook account of the target person. This feature lets you see the password, social media activity, chats and encrypted photos and searches of the target person’s account.


SpyZee will let you record all these activities and there are many more features like a keylogger, WhatsApp chat spy, and app use recorder. All the essential features can be owned by you once you use SpyZee. The people who can make proper use of this app are mostly parents, partners, and employers.

Parents can make use of this spyware for observing the activity of their kids, whereas partners can make use of it to record their spouse activity and employers see the activity of their employee in order to see if they working or wasting their time.

Parents can ensure the safety of their kids and see how much time is spent by kids on their phone. Partners can solve their relationship issues and doubts by spying on their spouse. The employers can make good use to see which of their employee is trustable and who is a fraud.

Go make use of SpyZee if you have the aim of watching over your kid, spouse, and employee. This app is also wonderful for finding lost or misplaced phones. There will be much more benefit provided by this app in the future.

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