Free KeyLogger

Get the Free KeyLogger in SpyZee and discover how it is used

Do you know what keylogger is and what it is used for? This is a feature which is offered in many spy apps and it is a feature which allows the user to record the patterns as well as passwords of the target device. This is the most useful feature as it allows the user to retrieve the lost passwords from the phone or it lets the user get access to the target phone without letting them know about it. If you wish to track a phone and find out there passwords then make use of a spy tool named SpyZee. This is free to use the tool and the features are also free.

Get the Free KeyLogger in SpyZee and discover how it is used

Get the Free KeyLogger in SpyZee and discover how it is used

How to utilize this free to use the app

SpyZee is free to use app which is easily available in the app store and also on its official website From the link mentioned just download this app and open it, as you’re open this app you will be asked to fill the registration form and read the privacy terms. You can read it, agree to it and then fill the form and finally submit the form. Make the account and make the password then finally log in the app.

This app will then ask the user to fill the information of target phone which may include name, number, phone name and other details of the target device. User must know these basic details about the target phone or else they cannot proceed. The user once fills all details need to submit it and then wait for some time say 5 minute and finally you get to see the activity of phone from your control panel.

Control panel it is a space where all features of spyzee are offered to use and it let you see the activity of target phone and also this is a place from where you control the activity of the target device. If you don’t have an internet connection then you cannot see the activity of a person but once you connect again to the internet you will get to see all the activity of the person.

So, make sure you have a data connection. If you wish to have a better experience using this app then take a look at all features of this app once and see in what situation it can be used.


  • Location tracker– as the name suggests this feature allows the person to look at where the device is located. This feature opens the location of a target device in a map and displays the name, date and time. User can see these details and they will get the idea that where is target person roaming and what he/she is doing.
  • Call recordingThis is the feature which user use to listen to calls of a target device. No matter the target device is near or far still you will be able to listen to their call when you make use of call recorder.
  • Spy IM chats- if the target person has installed WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger in their phone and are using it to chats then these chats are automatically recorded and it is sent to control panel. All chats can be seen by the user and they can save the chats as per the needs. Along with chats, there is displayed files which are sent to another person or received from other people like the photos, audios, videos, documents and so on.
  • Spy web history- if the user is keen to know what is surfed by other people on his web browser then they make use of this feature. It allows you to see the URLs and links which are most recently visited by the target and they can also, see the saved, bookmarked and other contents of their web browser.
  • Photos and videos- when the user wishes to take a look into the photo gallery of the target phone they make use of this feature. This is a very useful feature as it allows a person to not only view existing photos and videos but also the cleared or deleted ones. They can easily access the encrypted photos and they can save it in their phone by download option.


Parents mostly use this app and are all satisfied with its functioning. This app is totally free and there is no risk of viruses, there is no need to download the app on the target phone and there is no risk of being detected. Go ahead, give it a try and then you can discover more benefits related to it.

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