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How to spy on the internet history of the target device using SpyZee

Did you ever think about what your children are surfing on the web? If yes, then now start spying on the internet history of your kids’ phone using the SpyZee. Tracking or spying is the only way through which you can easily see what the other person is doing on their phone. Especially if you are a parent then it becomes important to keep eye on the activity of the children.

How to spy on the internet history of the target device using SpyZee

How to spy on the internet history of the target device using SpyZee

The reason why it is important to look into their phone is that-

  • Today cybercrime has increased so your children might fall in these traps
  • There are many sites which contain content which is not good for the children to view
  • Cyberbullying is increasing day by day and children are bullied by friends, strangers, and teachers and so on.

So, these are some of the reason due to which it has become essential to keep eye on the kids. If you wish to track or spy on your kid’s mobile then the best solution is the use of SpyZee. This software is a spy tool which is allowing people to track the activities of other person using their phone. All what is required to make this tool work is a good internet connection.  Without internet connection, this app won’t work also there is needed a user account in order to hack the device.

So, if you have got good internet connection then you are just required to download this app in your device from and there you have to register first and then make the account and finally log in and then from control panel start monitoring your kid. To monitor your kid’s device you had to fill information related to their phone in your control panel and then click on “start monitoring”.

As soon as the spyware get the device you want to spy they will notify you and you can see the activity through control panel very easily. If you are spying on web history of a target person then the things which will be displayed in your control panel will include URLs, links and sites visited recently, date and time, bookmarks, saved pages, download pages, and the deleted pages.

Other activities which can be seen in the control panel are as follow

  • Call history– this will include the call lists like incoming and outgoing call list, missed calls and blocked calls. Date and duration of the call, name, and number of the contact everything will be visible to you and you can keep this history saved for future use.
  • Call recording– there are people who wish to know what other person is talking on the call. These calls can be recorded and heard later on by the user. These recording will let you understand what a person is talking and to whom the person is talking.
  • GPS tracker– when someone is not around you and you wish to see where they are then you make use of this GPS tracker feature. This lets the user in finding out current location, past location and also it lets you see where your target person is moving next.
  • Photos and videos- there are people who wish to see photos hidden in other’s device. Those people can make use of this feature and find out the hidden pictures and save them on their phone. The user can also see from which source the picture was taken and when were it clicked and other details.
  • Facebook spy– if the target person is having a Facebook account then the user can track the Facebook account and see what their target is doing on this account. They can track all the chats, shared media and saved media, as well as the, liked pages and password of the Facebook account user.


If you are tracking your kid’s phone then all the above-given activities will be seen by you in your control panel. There will be a sense of satisfaction when you can see that your child is safe and are not attacked by any strangers. But if you find that someone is trying to bully your kid on the internet then you can take action and protect them from further harms.

Also, if you find out that the apps and sites used by your kids are harmful to them then you can block their apps, websites, and links which they use most. This is another benefit of spying on them. When you monitor your kids then this is beneficial as then you can be always there to help them and to stop them from doing the wrong things.

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