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With over 25+ features, SpyZee delivers information no other spy app for Android & iPhone can. This app has made viewing of target smartphone phone calls, internet browsing, social media photos and videos, emails, text messages, etc easier.

Catch Cheating Spouse

You might be scratching your head because your wife is not into the relationship. Every now and then she makes excuses that would make you hospitalized one day. No one wishes to be into such relationship, so it is better to download the SpyZee.

Find Lost Phone

Iif your phone gets robbed and stolen by thieves. You can easily follow it wherever it is present on earth. . An individual does not have to worry about the lost phone because it can be tracked easily within five.

Parental Control

Parents can control their children from doing any illegal activity. They can keep their children under control secretly. They can protect them from indulging in crimes and from strangers.

Spy Employee

You can spy on them and get the correct information about them, even if you are not present in the office, then you can trace the employee through the GPS tracker and identify his honesty and dedication towards work.

What Is SpyZee's Mobile Spy Software

SpyZee has been used globally by the users so as to clear off all the doubts and false beliefs. SpyZee spying app is both user-friendly as well as inexpensive. It is companionable with both iPhone & Android devices.

This app has made viewing of target smartphone phone calls, internet browsing, social media photos and videos, emails, text messages, etc easier. An additional feature that makes spying much more interesting is GPS location spying.

Spy On Cell Phones With 25+ Spying Features

Many features are present in the mobile after owning this mobile spy app. one can monitor the whole mobile like his own phone.

Track GPS location

The SpyZee contains a special and striking feature known as GPS location feature. This practical feature allows the user to track the real-time location of the suspect that may be your kid, spouse or employee.

Text Message Spy

All the deleted, send or received message gets tracked well in few seconds. This way the user is able to know the hidden secrets lying in the messages in the blink of an eye.

View all phone calls

The call feature facilitates the user to go through entire phone book as well as the calls held in past, and present. It is good to know what’s going in kid’s cell phone in your absence.

Take photos remotely

Using the SpyZee, the photos, videos and documents present on the kid’s cell phone can be downloaded as well as saved on the control panel. Remote monitoring is also possible.

Social Media Spy

Parents and spouse can track as well as monitor the activities of their kid on social media applications such as SnapChat, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and WhatsApp. The SpyZee enable the user to view all of the messages send or receive between the kid and another person.

View smartphone activities

No matter whether the suspect is using an iPhone or Android, the phone spying app can give complete access over the real-time control so as to view all the programs and apps going on the suspect cell phone.


SpyZee is a hidden spy application, and cannot be detectable by any anti-virus or protection software.

Web browsing history

This allows the user to go through the pages and websites visited by the kid or suspect. This way if you find your kid is indulging in wrong activities you can protect him or her without letting them know about it.

4 easy steps to spying with SpyZee

Stay safe and keep your family safe, download and install mobile spy app right now and start spying. Make optimum use of the application and get through every difficult stage of the life.

Download SpyZee


Download SpyZee app on cell phone via browsing such as: chrome, firefox, default browser.

Install & Setup

from APK File

Install the SpyZee spying software onto your target phones.

Start Spying


Log in to SpyZee Control Panel to start monitoring calls, texts, GPS location, apps and any other activities taking place on the monitored device.

It's Total Free

No Trial & Fee

The best Free Mobile Spying Software. You can control and spy on cell phone for Free.

the best free spy app

Why Is SpyZee The Best Spy App

SpyZee - Free Mobile Spy is extensively used by the detective officers, professional detectors, police officers, banks, business managers, soldiers, army officers, border security forces, and much more. By the above line, you can easily imagine that how wide is the scope of spy app. It is now being used in every field.

You can monitor the accounts of social media. Track all the messages and even get the alert as soon as the conversation or message has been sent or received on the victim’s mobile. There are many advantages also to own the mobile spy app.

What Our Customers Are Saying

My daughter says she comes straight home from school like she’s supposed to. Little did she know I had put SpyZee on her phone which gave me her entire location history. She thought she could fool me just because I was busy with work.

Mariana Lima


I had no way of knowing who my daughter talked to on the phone all night long. But now with SpyZee, I can simply check her call logs to check if she’s lying to me.

George Phan

Verified Customer

The best thing about installing SpyZee other than its useful features has been its amazing Customer Support. They’ve helped me out even through the smallest of hiccups.

Jon Pata


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