How to Stop Someone from Spying on My Cell Phone
How to Stop Someone from Spying on My Cell Phone
October 17, 2019
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How to Hack Someone’s Kik Messages, Photos and Videos
October 24, 2019

Top 5 WeChat Spy Tools for Android

Top 5 WeChat Spy Tools for Android

Top 5 WeChat Spy Tools for Android

Get Top 5 WeChat Spying Tools for Android OS

Today the large numbers of industrial applications are developed that completely has changed the way people use to communicate with one another. There new and better instant messaging tools are developed and are available. One such application is WeChat and it is widely used messaging applications that help all users to stay connected to the loved ones and family. With the access of this messaging app, you can easily send the messages from place to another place regardless of the location. As the use of Smartphone is increasing, the use of this IM app is also increasing.

Get Top 5 WeChat Spying Tools for Android OS

Get Top 5 WeChat Spying Tools for Android OS

The increased use of the Smartphone, as well as numbers of IM apps, has become a big concern especially for the parents that found their children using the device continually for a longer time. They also use Wechat and send the messages to the people that never have met face to face that in turn result in problems. Many spy tools are there that have made the hacking tool working for the parents easier than earlier.

Here in this article, you will see the top 5 best WeChat spy tools that can be used for spying on the respective ones.

#1 SpyZee

#1 SpyZee

#1 SpyZee

SpyZee is considered to the best WeChat spying tool that is available into the market. This app is used by a large number of people globally as it is offering many good benefits and features. Addition to that it is also claiming in providing the users greater protection and features here offered are sophisticated and dedicated completely. In fact, this spy tool is developed for the employers, parents, and spouse that are in need for hacking the activities of the respective ones.

Using this application is a lot easier and allows all its users in easily tracking the location of the target, read messages, SMS, monitor call logs, view browser history, etc. No additional details are needed to use the application other than ID and password.

To use the app you can get it downloaded and installed from the official site with the help of the link ( Once it is downloaded and installed successfully you can easily get access on the online dashboard that is having a collection of all acquired data of target phone.

#2 FoneTracker

This spying tool is listed on the list of top 5 WeChat spy tools. It is extensively used by the people and is offering greater protection to all its users.  The application is offering complete protection to the users and protects them from foreign incursions. Foreign incursion is of any type, malware or virus that is against the programming of the system.

#3 TheTruthSpy

This spy tool is listed on the 3rd position and is useful for spying on one’s WeChat user account. It is having a greater security feature to protect the system against foreign incursions. this application is a lot easier to use and allows the user to hack various social networking sites without the involvement of any other party. However to use this hacking tool you have to get the subscription package. But no doubt this app is a result oriented app that is good to use for hacking purpose.

#4 Highster Mobile

It is listed on the 4th position among the top 5 best WeChat hacking tool that is used by the android users to spy on WeChat account of the target person. With the help of this spyware, a user can easily view all the sent and received messages that take place through the target phone. Using the app you need to download the app from its homesite and install it on the target phone to get its account hacked. Using this hacking tool is considered the cheapest as well as an easier method of hacking anybody’s account.

#5 PhoneSheriff

Again another competitive spy tool that is available into the market is PhoneSheriff. This spy tool is cheap and is offering better protection to all its users. This tool helps hacker in easily spying on one’s WeChat account without letting them getting the sig of the lot. It easily works well on all operating system. The reason why it is lit6sed among the top 5 spy tool is amazing features and benefits.

So these are the top 5 best Wechat spy tool that can be used for spying not only wechat but all other social networking sites. However, if we talk about the best spyware that can be used for spying one’s WeChat account then SpyZee will definitely be the right choice for you. It is offering many good mobile phone spying features that will let one have better spying experience.

Features of the spying tool

  • Hidden call recording- This feature of the spyware helps its users to clearly know all about what the people are talking about. With the help of this spying feature, all the calls can be recorded and keep them saved as proof of strong evidence.
  • GPS location spying- This feature of the spying tool makes it a lot easier for the parents and spouse to keep a full track on their target persons activities. If you find that your kids are not present at the home and it is getting later. This feature of the spy tool will help you a lot.
  • Read out all chats and text messages– Regardless of whether the message is sent or receive, you can easily do the spying with the access of this spying feature. This is the amazing feature of the spy tool that allows all its users in doing the spying on all types of calls and messages with a lot of ease and thus the spy tools are considered comprehensive tools.
  • Blocking services- One as a worried parent wants the children to learn all good activities and get good knowledge then it is very much essential to keep them far away from all types of malicious websites. If your kid is found using those sites it can easily be blocked.
  • Call logs information- Another best spying feature is call logs hackings are possible and this spying feature will list down all the details of the call logs like the type of calls, duration, time, date, location call maker/receiver, etc. Those can be acquired from the online control panel of the spy tool.
  • 100% untraceableUsing the reliable spy tool will be a lot beneficial as it will help you to stay hidden while spying the device of the target person. The target will never come to know of being spied completely
  • Key logger function This feature is developed for spying on all the typed keystrokes in the target phone. Also, it will help the person spying to know the password of all the applications installed on the phone. Even the deleted text can also be traced using this spying feature.
  • Affordable- This is one of the best things that is liked by most of the users. People want to make use of the spying tool and have access to all the features but at reasonably priced costs. This is possible if a hacker gets access to the popular spy tool. There a user need not have to pay a huge sum of money to use the app.


So these are the features of the spying tool that can be used for spying on the android device completely. No doubt when you begin using the spy tool you will be left satisfied and happy from the result that you gets.

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