Top 5 Free Anti Spyware for Android and iPhone

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November 23, 2019
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November 25, 2019

Top 5 Free Anti Spyware for Android and iPhone

Top 5 Free Anti Spyware for Android and iPhone

Top 5 Free Anti Spyware for Android and iPhone

Top 5 Free Anti-Spyware that can be used on Android and iPhone

The anti-spyware is somewhat similar to that of the anti-virus software that helps you in preventing and blocking the malware infections or any other spyware on the cell phones. The Anti-spyware is doing the monitoring of the incoming data like emails, websites, downloads files, etc and stops the spyware programs from getting entering in the mobile phone. It is also doing monitoring the different applications on the mobile and notifies you whenever any suspicious actions take on the target device. This article is for you that will let you know about the free anti-spy mobile tools that are available on the internet for free.

Top 5 Free Anti-Spyware that can be used on Android and iPhone

Top 5 Free Anti-Spyware that can be used on Android and iPhone

Top best anti-spyware

  • SpyZee
  • Anti-Spy mobile free
  • iAmNotified
  • Anti Spyware
  • Privacy Scanner

These are top 5 spyware about which we will come to know in detail

#1 SpyZee

SpyZee is the best spying application that is working as the anti-spyware. This mobile phone monitoring tool is used for both personal as well as for professional use after its introduction in the market. Today hundreds or even more yes more individuals and families are trusting on this application for the safety needs. It is working on every platform like Android and iPhone. The application is offering special features to its user like-

  • Monitoring text messages
  • Tracking GPS locations
  • Monitoring social networking site
  • Monitoring WhatsApp
  • Monitoring all calls logs
  • Viewing multimedia files like videos and photos
  • Tracking the emails

SpyZee is an effective and powerful tracking tool that effectively works on the device background from where it can easily keep a full eye on target person all cellular actions. Whenever a new application is installed on the target person device, the hacker will be immediately notified. You as a hacker can permit SpyZee to remove all the unwanted applications that are downloaded from the unknown or insecure sources. Also, this application can be used for preventing unwanted calls and messages. The app is having own control panel that can easily be accessed from any laptop, PC or Smartphone.

Downloading link of the app –

Benefits of using SpyZee over other tools

  • Good support- The spy tool can be a little bit tough to make in use for the first time users. They might face difficulties like such as where to check the call logs and text messages. The SpyZee is the tool that can be used easily and more you can learn from the official website. If you still don’t understand anything you can teak the help of 24/7 customer support team, that is always ready to help their clients.
  • Undetected- The best thing that user liked of this application is that the person on whom you are spying won’t be able to figure out of being tracked by you at any costs. The tool is developed in such a way that it doesn’t allow the target to get the sign of it and it secretly works in hidden mode.
  • Use from anywhere- It allows its user to make it use from the remote location, means that how nearer or farther you are, you can easily use the app from anywhere and get all the updates continually on regular basis.
  • Compatible- SpyZee is a well-known app for its compatibility. The other applications that are listed are either compatible with iOS OS or Android OS. But in this case, it is compatible with all popular mobile operating system.

Spy tool features

  • GPS location tracking SpyZee allows you to see the live activity of the target person. By live activity, we mean seeing the live location of the target person over the map. A hacker can do the monitoring of the activities of a spouse, children, and employees and see all the places he or she went.
  • SMS Spy The app is available for you to spy on SMS. This feature helps you in doing the monitoring of the SMS whether it is sent, received, deleted.
  • Call logs spying This feature of the spyware allows you in getting the details of all the call logs like received, dialed, missed or ignored and even deleted one. This will tell you that with whom mostly the talks are going on. The call recording feature allows you in doing the recording of the calls that are made and received without missing anything.
  • App blocking- With the help of this spyware you can easily do the blocking of any unwanted app from the target phone like online dating app from children or spouse device.

#2 Anti Spyware mobile free

Spying today has become common especially in the relationship when trust becomes an issue. A partner can spy or do the monitoring of the other halves using the hacking without think or researching and this can result in ruining the relationships. Such application might or might not solve the problem but will definitely spoil the relationship if in case using a poor app. If in case you are feeling like of being spied by your partner then you can also make the use of the anti-spyware mobile free. It can be installed on iphone and android device. The spyware will offer the pros that are below listed-

  • It helps in protecting the sensitive information of the device.
  • The application is reliable to use.
  • It automatically handles the tasks without asking for permission.
  • It can be used for free.

#3 iAmNotified – Antispy system

The name is itself telling all about what it does; it will notify you when others are keeping eye on you. Whether you set the password or leave the device without any password, it will work and prevent the device. It helps you in easily blocking the person spying you.


  • It is simple to use the app.
  • It is having a double function that means you will be notified about the target person spying on you and will also inform others about being watched by you.
  • It automatically updates the history logs.


The user having the Android operating system can make use of this application for detecting the spying tools and malware on the device. This is a user-friendly app and is having easy to use interface. It needs permission to make use of the internet and can’t be used by iphone users. The application is available for free.

#5 Privacy scanner

Whether the privacy of yours is secured or not, if anyone has installed the mobile phone monitoring app in your device, you will be easily notified. It is a free mobile phone application for the purpose of spying.  It can scan using the heuristics. It can trace the spy tools secretly installed into the device. Similar to the anti-spyware it is developed for the Android operating system only. If you are having the android device then you can install it for free.


Nowadays spying has become a lot easier to know about the truth about someone and spying the device can tell you more about those. Manual spying today has become outdated and thus using the spy tool is the best choice available for you to spy. If you are planning to use SpyZee you need to create a user account for using it successfully. Make the user account in the same way that you need follow in creating the account on various social media apps. Make the use of valid email address and a strong password and remember it.

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