How to Spy Phones without the Phone

Is it possible to track a cell phone's location by number
Is it possible to track a cell phone’s location by number
November 15, 2018
Free Download Hacking Software for Android and iPhone
Free Download Hacking Software for Android and iPhone
December 13, 2018

How to Spy Phones without the Phone

How to Spy Phones without the Phone

How to Spy Phones without the Phone

With the advancement of technology, the use of smartphones have been drastically increased. While it is playing a vital role in connecting people from one another, you may also accept the fact that over a decade smartphones have exposed the world to an altogether different aspect of the internet, this aspect creates fear, uncertainties and substantial risks for users as well as the community which is an inevitable part of this smartphone network. There are primarily two types of phones in the market, Android and iPhone. Android dominates almost 80 percent of the smartphone market in the world whereas iPhone stands as the world’s second most advanced operating system.

Now the question arises how to spy phones without the phone you’re spying on?

How to spy phones without the phone you're spying on

How to spy phones without the phone you’re spying on

With time, the spying methods have also transformed. Earlier there was no remote way to spy someone’s phone, you had to gain physical access to the target device and complete your motive before a suspicious situation arises. The chances of being caught were ample when one followed the traditional approach. But there is no such issues while you deal with phone spy apps. These smartphone spy apps function by setting up a remote connection with the targeted device. Further, any information related to the device can then be accessed by the person handling the spy tool with the help of this established connection.

What is the need to spy phones without the phone you’re spying on

  • For employers: The phone spy apps are in great demand in the market due to its various benefits. Many businesses have adopted these spy apps to track real time activities such as GPS location of their employees. It is a helpful tool in increasing efficiency and productivity of employees of an organization.
  • For partners: These phone spy apps serve as a boon when it comes to tracking a disloyal partner. The app reveals the unhidden truths about their dating or life partners. It helps you in getting rid of thick layers of suspicion by disclosing the unadulterated truth to you. You need to use these apps prudently to get the most from them.
  • For parents: Kids these days are more exposed to the virtual world than the real world. It’s always been one of the greatest worries of a parent, what his kid is finding so entertaining that he does not keep the gadget aside. This is when spying apps come to a parent’s rescue. These apps have been designed to track and monitor every activity of your child. Its GPS tracking feature is one of the most prominent features which allows you to track your child’s location easily.

It’s time that we learn how to spy phones without possessing the phone you’re spying on

It's time that we learn how to spy phones without possessing the phone you’re spying on

It’s time that we learn how to spy phones without possessing the phone you’re spying on

Step 1: Choose the most suitable Phone Spy Software

This is the foremost and the toughest step in the process of spying a phone. Every spying app claims either to spy on a phone without holding possession of it, or spy on the phone without installation of its software on the targeted device.

To help you pick up the best phone spy software app based on your requirements, we have jotted down a list of such apps.

  • SpyZee: If you intend to monitor a device whose possession you may not hold, you must install SpyZee on the target device immediately. It initially establishes a remote connection with the target device. Once the connection is established, every vital information of the monitored device will assemble in the control panel. You will be able to witness and track every activity occurring on the device from your Control Panel. Its installation process requires you to be a little patient so that you can follow the detailed guidelines without any hassle. All you need to do while using this software is Download, Activate and Monitor. Does not it sound too simple? The best feature about SpyZee Software is its compability with all versions of iOS and Android. If you intend to gain access to an iOS which is not in your possession, you are advisable to go for its application in which jail-breaking the device is not necessary.
  • TheTruthSpy App: It is one of the most fastest and efficient phone monitoring programmes. It allows a user to monitor multiple activities of a targeted device such as call logs, browser history, text messages and current location. It can also track deleted messages from the device. All the vital information is uploaded online on the customer’s account to make it easier for the hacker to scan it thoroughly. It has a specialized remote uninstall function that can be opted for in situations of suspicion. Easy Spy is a simple way to keep a track on activities of your kid or your employees. One of the reasons behind its popularity is its inexpensive characteristic.
  • AppSpy App: It is a user friendly spying app which does not require any specialized knowledge. It imbibes within it all the best features you need to facilitate the spying process on any Android or iPhone. The most competitive feature about this app is its No-Jailbreak Solution which is designed for iPhone and iPad. Once you are finished up with its installation, you will automatically gain access to all the available data of the target device. Its over-the-air method enables easy data collection and monitoring of the target device without holding a possession of the device.
  • GuestSpy App: It is the most popular phone spy software which possesses every feature that you are looking for in a phone spy/ monitoring program. It enables you to remotely derive all the information related to a target phone which is in not in your possession. It supports all the versions of iPhone and iPad and most of the smartphones. One of its salient features is its simple installation procedure that finishes up within a matter of minutes.
  • TheTrustSpy App: This tracker app has the ability to track everything from online social activities to text messages. It is compatible with Android as well as iPhone devices. The most attractive feature of this app is its affordable prices. You can also track all the activities taking place on the targeted smartphone through its real time Control Panel.

It is recommended that you choose the app that suits you the best based on your requirements and targets.

Step 2: Install and put the program on cell phone

Now that you have chosen the perfect spy app for yourself, it’s time that you head to its installation. Most of the spy apps require configuration of a few settings on the targeted device. There are basically three settings which you will have to keep in mind while dealing with these apps.

  • Initially you need to “Allow from Unknown Sources” so that any download from sources other than Google Play Store is entertained by the target device.
  • Next, you have to thoroughly check the setting box of the target device and disable verification of apps so that the apps can be cleared from Goggle play without any hassle.
  • There is one more setting that might be taken care of to track the Goggle map location of the device. It is the GPS setting of the targeted device which is necessary for the Verizon devices.

It is essential to root the targeted device to gain access to its social media activities, email address and other important information. Once you’re finished up with the configuration of settings, you can proceed to installation of the desired app on the device.

Just remember to delete the downloaded app from the device’s downloads so that the spy program can operation anonymously.

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Step 3: Login to Control Panel and view all tracking data

After the successful completion of the first two steps, it’s time to do the most important thing. Yes, it’s time to extract all the vital information such as messages, calls, browser history, GPS location and so much more from the device that you intend to spy on. You may easily get access to these information by signing-in to your online account. You have to be smart enough to quickly extract everything from the targeted device. Remember time is money. So, what are waiting for now? Go for it!


These phone spy apps are reliable as well as secured unlike the traditional methods which were earlier opted for. With the continuous advancement in the existing technologies, everything is possible. So is tracking and monitoring a device which is not in your possession. There are a plenty of phone spy apps which make this impossible task feasible. The salient features and multiple advantages of these apps give you another reason to choose these apps. If you have not started using the apps yet, then you are not living a transparent life yet which these apps tend to offer you. It is important in the present scenario that one starts using technology and its advances to lead a convenient and a hassle free life.

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